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AORN of Birmingham - Chapter 0101

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July minutes

AORN Birmingham Chapter 0101




Location: Homewood Library


The meeting was called to order by President, Jan Howell at 3:55pm.


Members present: 10 members were present completing a quorum


Minutes of the previous meeting – The minutes are posted on the website.

Jan reported on the Installation Dinner at The Club. Attendance was good of both membership and industry partners. Kim Dismukes was awarded Vendor of the Year and Jan had received the award of Excellence for Perioperative Nurse of the Year.

The new officers are as follows:

            President – Jan Howell

            President Elect – Martha Page

            Vice President – Kay Weeks

            Secretary – Norma Walden

            Treasurer – Donna Landrum

            Board Members – Cynthia Robinson

                                          Alma Gaertner

                                          Nan Wright

The charipersons are as follows:

            Ways & Means – Norma Walden

            Newsletter & Website – Dottie Ammons

            Programs – Cynthia Robinson


Treasurer’s Report – Donna is on vacation. Jan reported a balance right at $9000.00


AORN Communication – Jan discussed some communication received highlighting 2 By-law changes. One referred to Members at Large. These members compiled a separate entity and could not be chapter members at the same time. The other change was regarding Delegate representation. Two delegates would now be allowed to represent each Specialty Assembly. They would not be permitted to act as chapter delegates at the same time. The total number of delegates had been increased from 1500 to 1546. Jan passed out copies of a flyer regarding AORN Facility Package.

Jan had received a letter and business card from Jane Flowers. She is our Chapter Board Liaison and National Secretary.


State Council – We are again participating at State Council. There are no more dues. The next meeting will be held on Saturday, July 29th. at Donna Landrum’s lake house on Lake Martin.


Scholarship Plan – Jan read a draft of the letter that she would be sending to the vendors requesting educational grants. She had included a request to contribute at various levels, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Discussion followed as to the possibility of this turning some contributors away. A motion was made by Brandi to delete the designations. The motion seconded by Nan. Motion carried.


Meeting Place –  Norma had asked Jan to present the idea of rotating meetings to the various hospitals and those members be responsible for the program. Discussion followed that this would be too confusing to remember where the meeting was each time. Dottie made a motion that the meeting be held every time at the Homewood Library. Susan seconded the motion. Motion passed. Jan informed the members that the room cost was $15.00 for a 4- hour period.


Meeting Times – There was discussion regarding whether to continue having evening meetings. Previous evening meeting had drawn members who normally did not attend the afternoon meetings. It was decided that even months would have the evening meetings. Evening meetings would be held in August and October. December would be the Christmas Brunch that Jan would like to host. This will be on Saturday, December 2nd.


Membership Dinner – Norma has requested that the Membership Dinner be moved from November to February. Discussion followed. Brandy made a motion to move the Membership Dinner from November to October. Kim seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Nomination Protocol – Norma suggested we move the nominations to March, elections in April, and installation in May. Discussion followed. A motion was made not to change the election protocol. Motion carried.


Vendor Appreciation dinner- A motion was made by Susan and seconded by Brandi to have the Vendor Appreciation dinner in September. Motion passed.


Calendar of Events – Norma has requested that this be posted on the website and that it be printable. Dottie will do this.


Alma requested that directions to the meeting place be posted on the website.


Jan discussed the idea sending out a quarterly mailing for those who are not computer savvy.


Cynthia Robinson passed a sign-up list for Program sponsors.


Jan mentioned the possibility of renting a house in Orlando for Congress. Rent was about $1000.00 a week. Five persons could share the house. Transportation would have to be arranged.


Jan talked about the possibility of a Barbecue Cook-off for a fundraiser. Tickets would need to be sold, but no other costs would be incurred.


Next Meeting – August 21st. at 5:30 pm.


Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm




Minutes submitted by Alma Gaertner

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